Furniture these days can be very expensive. Price is no longer a good indicator of quality.

I have found that older high quality furniture is almost always worth the cost of restoration.  If you have an older piece that doesn’t look so great now, send me pictures or call,  I’ll give you an honest opinion on if it’s worth the work to restore, or if you should just replace.

Repair on some damage ( dog chews, cat scratches, analine leather, nubuck ) is limited and not always repairable to a showroom condition. Most of these are repairable to useable condition .  I always  explain limitations of different repairs and options for different repairs.

There are now on the market many faux leathers ( bonded leather, Bi cast ) . Bonded can be labeled in the US as 100% leather ( it’s scraps, think particle board vs solid wood).  It will last long enough to get out of the manufactures warranty period. In 5 to 6 years with normal use the surface will crack and peel (sooner with heavy use). It is not repairable.  No matter how cheap it is, it is not a good buy.